Monday, 26 August 2013

UNO6 Ultra Light Alloy Stem

UNO 6 latest model Ultra Light Weight Stem
**Tips: Why the stem play an important rules in our bike fit?
Answer: Riders with disproportionate leg to torso sizes will want to take a look at changing up stem length for a more comfortable riding posture. A longer stem typically pulls the rider forward and flattens the back. The result is slowed steering and more traction to the front wheel.

Shortening the stem moves the rider toward the center of the bike and adds curvature to the back, leading to a more upright riding position. Ideally the rider should have elbows slightly bent when riding straight ahead which acts as a natural upper body shock absorber. Proper stem length and positioning alleviates upper body soreness and removes excessive force from the wrists. Most XC stems range in length from 70mm to 130mm. AM and DH stems can range from as short as 25mm to about 55mm+.

-Material: 6061 Alloy
-Size: 60 / 70  / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130mm

-Weight: 85g(60mm) / 90g(70mm) / 92g(80mm) / 98g(90mm) / 109g(100mm) / 113g(110mm) / 122g(120mm) / 138g(130mm)

-Color: One side red logo, one side white logo.

Price: RM115/pc

*Cash&Carry @ Puchong Jaya
*Or Pos Laju Additional RM 10 for Semenanjung Malaysia.

Serious Buyer Please contact BEN @ +6017-323 8322 **(WhatsApp prefer).

Or Email:

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